Kung Fu Panda cake teaser 2

Still working on the Kung Fu panda cake .
I wish I had the time to start a couple of days ago! The fondant is taking a long time to dry up, I didn’t have the time to make gum paste ( I always make from scratch), so now I’m stressing out if it will hold the shape until tomorrow.
I’m not touching the figure until later tonight, hopefully it will be dry enough!

My progress so far:

– Here is the wire construction

Kung Fu Panda CakeFirst0001

– Wire construction + one more arm

 Kung Fu Panda CakeFirst0002

– Couple of legs

Kung Fu Panda CakeFirst0003

– A head

Kung Fu Panda CakeFirst0004

– Coming along…

Kung Fu Panda CakeFirst0005

– Stage 3 of 5 ( it still needs a lot of work but I’m waiting to dry up)

Kung Fu Panda CakeFirst0007
– 7 scrolls drying
Kung Fu Panda CakeFirst0006

I am a little disappointed I had to make the panda this way, I must admit. I could have made it a way better if I had the time, unfortunately it has to be ready for tomorrow and I had to rush it, which is not the best way to do things.
Yes, it’s not finished yet and it’s going to look much better than it does now, but still, I had a different idea how I’m going to make it and it doesn’t feel right this way.
Unfortunately, not everything in life happens the way we want , so let’s hope I’ll manage to make lemonade from the lemons and it will look good! 🙂

P.S: If you like this cake, maybe you would want to see how it came to life as an idea? Take a look at this:
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