Kung Fu Panda cake teaser 1

Wondering how the cake is coming along?

Well, as I announced already, my son chose design No. 1, so this is what I am working on:

Kung-Fu Panda 2

And it’s supposed to look like this guy:

kung fu panda 1

Now, I have no problem making it identical if I can add to the shape gradually. Unfortunately the whole thing has to dry up in 24 hours…which is almost impossible, since there is a lot of fondant on it.
I had to start making it earlier and now I am really nervous if it will hold up the shape well, since it would not be completely dry on the day I serve the cake.

Very risky move…we’ll see if it’s possible.

P.S: If you like this cake, maybe you would want to see how it came to life as an idea? Take a look at this:
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The structure
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