A wedding cake to remember!

Remember these 2 teaser posts that I published couple of days ago?
Everything started with a simple sketch I made, according to the bride’s wishes( the things on the side were ideas for  cake toppers).
Joleyn Cake1_bak
I have made 7-8 more designs on paper, but she chose this one. I have used her wedding colors- hot pink, 2 shades of green, dark brown and white, as well as her wedding bouquet flowers- Gerbera daisies and kermit mums.The cake size was 6″-10″-14″ tiers by 4 ” tall.

I have made 3 different sizes gerbera daisies, as well as 2 sizes kermit mums out of gum paste sugar dough, let them dry and then painted and dusted them with petal dust.

Joleyn CakeS0004

Joleyn CakeS0008 Joleyn CakeS0010

The cake inside was Devi’s food extra dark cake layers with fresh juiced strawberries, whipped cream-mascarpone lemon filling and strawberry honey.
Joleyn CakeS0021 Joleyn CakeS0024

Joleyn CakeS0027 Joleyn CakeS0028
Joleyn CakeS0025

I think the cake’s taste balanced well, because the extra dark Devil’s food chocolate layers weren’t that sweet, the filling was and then the strawberries were the “cherry” on top, that just finished the symphony of taste. 
I’ve decorated the tiers separately, then a day later I assembled the cake together.

Joleyn CakeFinal0002  Joleyn CakeS20018

Here is the cake already stacked without the border:
Joleyn CakeFinal0005

And there is the finished cake:
1. Front
Joleyn CakeFinal0046
2. Left side 
Joleyn CakeFinal0024
3. Back 
Joleyn CakeFinal0022
4. Right
Joleyn CakeFinal0020

There are a lot of pictures of the details, as well I made a video how I made the flowers, but I’ll have to post that later! However, if you would like to see more pictures of the cake, you are welcome to visit my Flickr album here.
*** Ако искате да видите повече снимки, заповядайте в моя Фликър албум!***

I’ll see you very soon with  more details about the wedding cake!