A second teaser

I’m still working on the flowers, since I got this God awful JEM daisy cutter ( DO NOT RECOMMEND!) I’ve been trying to make them with my regular daisy cutter and here is what came out of my Gerbera Daisy:

Gerbera dasyColor0002  Gerbera dasyColor0004

And here are the kermit mums that the bride has in her bouquet and I thought I might use as an accent in the cake. We’ll see how it turns out!

 Kermit mums0002  Kermit mums0001

I have big hopes for this cake and I am so stressing out right now, have your fingers crossed for me!!!

I made video on both flowers ( I plan to shoot while I’m making the cake too) so hopefully next week I can show you both.
Now I’m off to work!