My October Cake Challenge Cake- The Witch’s Workshop

I’ve promised you that this cake would be “sweet” and you know I keep my promises! 🙂
I made it for the Harvest Hoedown bake sale at my son’s school. It was really funny, because I mentioned to the PTO what I’m making but I guess they didn’t quite understand what I meant. I mean, it’s not every day you see a fondant cake at a school bake sale, right? 🙂 So when I brought the cake to the sale, they had no idea what to do with it, because it was a 50 cent bake sale.LoL
Now, this is my first school bake sale, so I had no idea how it works, but I am so happy that everything turned out to be fine, since the PTO people acted quickly and they did a raffle for the cake as a prize and it was a huge success!

There was a little girl admiring the cake pretty much the whole time it was on display and I was very happy for her, when she won it!
Her mom told her something like ” What are we going to do with it, how are we going to cut it” and the girl immediately protested “Oh, no!! We are NOT cutting it!”. LoL

It was great fun that night, I hope I can participate next year too. After all, it’s just on time for the October cake Challenge, so it works out perfectly! 🙂

If there is enough interest I’ll post soon the tutorial how to make the witch, so if you want to see it, leave me a comment that you do. The witch is so small, she can fit in my palm, can you believe how difficult it was to make it? 🙂

I have used Devil’s food recipe for the basic cake, the filling was an improvisation, because the night before I was supposed to make it I found out that I don’t have whipping cream, so I had to use something else.
I combined cream cheese, butter, condensed milk and chocolate and it came out really, really yummy! Especially since I added walnuts.
If anybody wants the recipe, leave me a comment and I’ll post it!

I didn’t have as much fun as I did with this cake in a really long time! I mean, imagine how cool was to make the little books, and the little potions, and the broom! I sure had fun!!!

Tell me this doesn’t look like cast iron ;-)!
And the thing is that I’ve used pearl dust only on one spot, otherwise the whole cauldron is black 🙂