Cake Challenge October 2009

I can’t believe it’s already November 1st and I definitely can’t believe it’s time for the discussion of the October Cake challenge cakes!

Time just flies indeed!
It’s like yesterday we had the Ikebana cake challenge and we had these amazing cakes with beautiful flowers!

The theme for the challenge this time is 3D cakes or cakes, that in other words are made in the shape of something.

You can see the full album with cakes of course!(click here)

Some of the albums are still not uploaded, but I’ll update this posting as soon as they are. Also I hope soon ‘ll have the permission of the cake ladies participating to upload some of their pictures on my site, so you can enjoy them here as well.

So much talent! Everybody liked the theme very much, a lot of ladies made 2 even 3 cakes!

Of course as always I’ll have a separate posting about my own cake called “ Witch’s Workshop”. I have a bonus for you as well – I made a small tutorial how I made the witch’s figure. It’s pretty cool to see how it started taking shape from a simple ball of dough, check it out in a couple of days!

Speaking of cool, I was looking recently for futuristic and extraordinary cake pedestals and serving plates and I stumbled upon a fabulous site with the most amazing kitchen gadgets and accessories that I just couldn’t but share with you, since I know many cake folks are reading here!

Now, you probably have noticed that I like nice things but it’s one thing to have a nice thing, completely another to have unique thing. Let me tell you, after I saw this cake pedestal at Alessi I fell in love! This would have been the perfect cake pedestal for my Cake challenge cake and I was sooooo disappointed that I didn’t find it earlier, when I made the cake! Just imagine my Witch’s workshop on this thing!I would have been perfect!

Well, next time I’ll know where to look for something like that when I need it and truth be told I really do need a cake pedestal. I mean really, it’s about time! We already have had 5 cake challenges and I continue to show my cakes on a simple board.
(Honey, Christmas is coming hint, hint 😉 )

Anyway, enjoy the fabulous cake view and tell me what you think!

Ta-ta for now!