Scooby Doo step-by-step tutorial

As I promised here is the step-by-step instruction how to make Scooby Doo.

1. Shape a piece of fondant ( gum paste) into a ball.

2. Squeeze the sides to form the body like this:
ScoobyDooCake117 ScoobyDooCake118

3. Form the leg like this:
ScoobyDooCake1112 ScoobyDooCake1113 ScoobyDooCake1114

4. Glue the legs to the body

First the back legs, then the front paws
ScoobyDooCake1110 ScoobyDooCake1111 ScoobyDooCake1115

5. Make the face
ScoobyDooCake1116 ScoobyDooCake1117 ScoobyDooCake1118

6. For the ears start with a small fondant ball, roll it out and then pinch the top side together:
ScoobyDooCake1120 ScoobyDooCake1121 ScoobyDooCake1119

7. Add the nose and eyes and then a couple of freckles and voila, you have the head and body!
ScoobyDooCake1122 ScoobyDooCake1123

9. Glue the head with water and/or attach it with a toothpick to the body.

10. Add the “Scooby” spots on the back and arms.
ScoobyDooCake1126 ScoobyDooCake1125

11. Don’t forget Scooby’s collar! 🙂