1st Communion gum paste adventure- Part I


I have been so busy this month and I have a ton of stuff to post here, but time…time is my problem 🙂
I am almost finished with the new website/blog design and soon you will see how things are going to change, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise, so I am not going to say more.

So, what else is new you would ask?
Well, I made a 1st communion cake as a gift this week. It was for Julia, the daughter of a very good friend of mine . You probably remember that I made one 1st communion cake last year as well. It was for Julia’s older sister- Carina.
I had a hard time deciding what should I do for Julia’s cake.
At first I had an idea about lace gloves, but then I started thinking about handkerchief..and I asked my friend if she has one as a keepsake from her mom ( Julia’s grandmother). It turns out she had one!It was just perfect!!!
Then I started thinking about the flowers, my friend’s name is Rose, so I figured roses would be appropriate, and the girl’s favorite color is light-purple-violetish, so it was decided.

But, there was one small problem-I have never made gum paste or gum paste flowers in my life, so I had to prepare at least a week in advance to make sure everything will go smooth.
And I started with the gum paste recipe of Scott Clark Woolley.
Then I remembered I had seen a very beautiful cake that Louise from Cakejournal.com made and she shared some tips on how to make gum paste roses. She had posted a link to the tutorial on how to make gum paste roses of a very talented cake designer Fran McGregor. The link is in the 23rd post after the picture and you’ll have to download it.

Although I used a few pointers on how to make the roses from the tutorial, I want to emphasize that my roses are completely edible, except for the floral wire. The other difference is that I didn’t use the cutter Fran uses, I used regular teardrop shape metal cutters and applied the petals one by one, attaching them with plain egg white.
You can see here my very first gum paste rose


This is the first set of flowers


This is when I made the calyxes



Here is some more:

Here is the bouquet before I placed it on the cake

And you can read the second part, where you can actually see the ready cake.