Going YouTube!!!

This was to come, it was just a matter of time but I’ve always imagined how easy would be to go video.
Boy, was I wrong!

I started with the idea to make a simple video for a virtual seminar a friend of mine is organising and I ended up making a 1.30h movie( that I’ve cut into 10 parts on YouTube)!!!
And this of course is the “director’s cut” version, the whole thing took me 5 straight hours to film!!!

I had no idea what I was doing most of the time, I’ve never used a video camera and I’ve never edited video before for that matter.
It was much, much, much more time consuming that I expected and on top of that my laptop is not nearly suited for such a work.
But…what’s done is done.
I’ve learned a great deal and I hope the second one would be better!
The seminar topic is “How to work with Royal icing” and it is going to be held this Sunday at BG-Mamma forum.
I was invited not because I am some kind of Royal icing guru ( mostly because I am not LoL), but because I wanted to try many new things in front of the camera.

Most of the things I show in the video are new to me too, but I hope my experience in front of the camera would be helpful when somebody decides to immerse into the unbelievable world of Royal Icing for the first time.

If nothing else, I had great fun making the video and trying new things.
The video is in Bulgarian, but I am trying to figure out how I can put some English audio on it ( I know it’s possible, I just don’t know how to do it yet) and I’ll definitely do that very soon, I promise!