The H day :-)

Ok, I won’t torment you any more!!!
Here are the pictures from the October Cake challenge that we organized from the BGMamma forum!
This is my cake of course :-):

I take great pride in the tail 🙂
The actual bird took me a week, not because it was that difficult, but it was very tricky and VERY FRAGILE and that alone was enough to give me some trouble 🙂
Thanks again to Scott Clark Wooley, I had my luster dust in time! I almost had a heart attack when I found out that I ran out and it was a day before I was supposed to cut the cake 🙂
My cake was about the legend of the Firebird, a Bulgarian fairytale, concerning golden apple and a bird 😉
You can check the whole album here, to see how I made the bird, the cake etc.
My oven wasn’t working right, so I couldn’t bake the bottom tier ( huge mistake), so I had to use a different( caramel cake), less stable than the fruit cake I had for the top and middle tier. This led to a structural problem, then the lights I used when taking the pictures started to melt the fondant, it was not a very good photo shoot 🙂 But I know where my mistake was, I’ve done better before on the structure, so I am sure it was one time problem 🙂
I am going to post probably in the next couple of days the recipes.
If you have any questions or comments, you can either use the blog or you can leave comments right under the pictures in Flickr.
See you very very soon ( I have another cake to make for 10th)!