Care Bears birthday cake

Hi all,
although it is very simple, I had quite a trial with this cake. It was like my hands weren’t mine! On top of that my daughter ( 2y) ate the first decoration with royal icing, so I had to make fondant patchwork, which was way difficult that I expected, considering I didn’t have a mold or cutter or anything! I was just looking from the picture, I coulndn’t use even the transfer paper, because it turned out my pencils give the fondant ” dirty look”! Terrible! Then my Royal icing all of a sudden just started to melt on top of the cake ( that was a first one!) overall, it wasn’t my day. Sorry about the bad pitures, I just so didn’t like it that I didn’t want to bother to even try to take good pitures.

As I said before, the top is a patchork, not a drawing.
Did I mention that my thingy that makes the tiny little ropes finaly broke, so I had to make them by hand ( sigh)?

The cake was supposed to be different, but now I just hope the girl likes it.
We are going to pick up our puppy in couple of hours, so I’ll be posting today again I guess 🙂