The suffering of my Lightning McQueen cake

I have never thought I could feel so sick and be able to actually do a fine work as a fondant figure!
A friend of mine asked me to make her son’s birthday cake and I was happy to do it, until I got sick( not contagious thing, no worries)! I could barely stand on my feet from pain, it was horrible!
I started the cake around 1 pm, from scratch of course and the cake is supposed to be ready for tomorrow morning. Nothing had the time to dry up, I really hope the cake can stay together before cutting. If I hadn’t promised the kid, I would have just climbed in bed and would ask nobody to bother me, but that’s what we do for children.
I am not happy with the result, because my initial idea was a little bit different, and I could definitely have made the car much, much better, but I was in pain and it is really difficult to concentrate and do stuff in situation like this.
On top of that we had a plumbing problem, so I couldn’t use the kitchen sink, my washer almost died today…not a very good day overall.

Now I am going to show you how I made Lightning McQueen, and again, I apologize for the pictures quality, I couldn’t repeat shots because I was so in a hurry to finish it and lie down.
Everything started with a big lump of red fondant:

I found it more convenient to work with my hands, rather with the tools, but they had their usefulness as well.
Then I made the basic shape:

Then I made the back of the car

And the front of the car again:

Then I made the windows and ceiling:

And the “eyes” as well:

And the “eye lids”:

And at this point my camera died AGAIN.
But basically I looked the original toy car and I tried to make it look like it. The initial idea was to actually stand on the wheels, but the fondant was so soft, because it didn’t have the time to dry up, so I had to “toothpick” the wheels ( you can actually see the toothpicks on the pictures, I am going to remove them tomorrow morning, when it is a little bit more dry).
As much as I was excited to do another Pixar character, I felt so sick, that unfortunately I didn’t enjoy it very much.
And Lightning really has a lot of possibilities for making, it is a shame I didn’t have the opportunity to make it a little bit better. But well, what can you do..At least I think the kid is going to like it 🙂

I made chocolate cake with chocolate ganache ( an order from the little guy :-)) and almonds.

The idea about the extra wheels came up later in the making ( I can’t believe I was actually able to think at the time), so we can place the candle on top of them tomorrow.
I know I could have done a better job with the words, but cut me some slack, I could barely see at the moment.
And Lightning up close ( and personal):
Left side view:

The black and white squares were easier than I thought to make, I am happy I didn’t have trouble with that.

Here the toothpicks are almost invisible 🙂 I hope it is dry enough tomorrow to take them out.
My husband was amazed with the Rust.Eze sign 🙂
Well, I hope Deni likes it 🙂 Will let you know! 🙂