NASA Birthday Invitations

Remember the Birthday invitations I published couple of days ago?
I am talking about these:

Well, I had trouble finding the right envelope for them, since the size wasn’t standard and I wanted it to be somehow connected to the whole ” space Birthday” idea.
So…while browsing in the store today it suddenly hit me! I can make them look like NASA letters ( not that I’ve ever actually seen one, but a party equivalent of them)!!!
And that is what I came up with, whit a 6/9 business envelopes, a red marker, Open Office Draw and a monochromatic printer.

If I just had color printer I would have saved so much more time! But unfortunately when we bought ours ( not that is bad, it’s working great actually) we thought that we would never need to print anything in color.
Here is one of the “stamps” up close”:

Now I have to think of a cake to go with these and I would be fine for the Birthday :-).
That’s all for today, folks!