A FrankenBuzz is born or how to make a Buzz Lightyear

Well, technically he is a little pre-term right now, but he is getting there 🙂
I hope I can show you the whole process from “conception” of the idea, to the “delivery” of the finished product, just keep your fingers crossed that my camera holds up as much!
Buzz Lightyear is going to be for the cake of my son’s birthday.
I’ve been fooling around with the idea about “space ranger” Buzz Lightyear for some time, since this was the wish of the birthday boy, but I really have to admit that until tonight I wasn’t exactly sure how I am going to make the cake.
Now I have the general idea and the first sketch of the cake and how everything is going to be and I even started making the actual Buzz.
I’ve done pretty good for one night I think. I have 5 days exactly before the actual party and I was a little worried when I am going to have everything done (this week is going to be crazy for me), but now I have a little bit more confidence that I can finish on time.
So the cake is going to be 3D version of Buzz Lightyear and his space ship.
When I decided what Buzz’s position is going to be, I started with a sketch of his construction:

I’ve decided to make a “skeleton”, so the main weight to be held by a wooden dowel rod, the extended leg (on the side) is made of a lollipop stick ( very plastic these), the arms are from #18 flower wire, securely taped with flower tape.

Then I prepared the fondant, made the basic shape and I started to put some ” meat on his bones” :-). I’ve made a cut lengthwise with a serrated knife.

And this is how it looked from the front:

Then I added the second leg and 1 arm

And then I added the 2 hand

Now I have to mention, that I had the actual toy right in front of me the whole time and I can tell you that I perhaps know it as well as it’s creators by now 🙂
The Buzz Lightyear I am making is smaller then the actual toy ( I haven’t measured them, but I will do that at some point), but it is still big enough to be of concern how exactly is he going to stand up straight ( this is a difficult task for the toy as well, considering the design!).
While the body was drying a little bit, I started with the head.
I made a flesh color ball of fondant trying to be as accurate as possible to the true shape of Buzz’s head

Then I put it on a wooden stick and placed the “eyeballs” in the “sockets”.

It was really hard to make the mouth, I’ve misplaced the teeth couple of times.
Then I made the eyebrows, pupils, and eye lids.
While the head was drying, I’ve done a couple of things on the body:

I added the shoulders, the waist, the belt, one of the elbows.

Then I added the second elbow and it was almost 3 am, so I decided to call it a night.
I’ve put the “hat” on Buzz and I think I will wait until tomorrow night so it can dry up a little bit befofe Incontinue.

Just to clarify for people who haven’t seen Buzz before- yes, the head is supposed to be that small 🙂 He is a funny guy this Buzz 🙂
I tried to follow the proportions the way they were on the doll.
I’ll keep you updated, I hope it is useful for somebody making a Buzz Lightyear cake!
Good night now! 🙂

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