A FrankenBuzz is born or how to make a Buzz Lightyear Part II

Here he is, ladies and gentlemen 🙂 He is born, birth certificate an’ all 🙂
To be honest, I think I could have done it a little bit differently if I had to start now, but we all learn from our mistakes, so next time I think I will do much better. Overall I am happy with the outcome, it wasn’t that difficult to make. Well, I had to “come up” with a lot of ideas how to make this and that in the middle of the making, but this happens when you’ve never done anything like this before.
By the way I apologise for the bad pictures, at some point my camera didn’t want to put anything on focus, and no, the lens wasn’t dirty. 🙂

So, to start where we left yesterday:

I added the buttons, the pieces on his fingers etc.

I’ve painted the logo with Lightyear and the blue square in the middle.
When my son woke up today and I showed him the unfinished Buzz ,the first thing he said was ” but where is his space belt?!” 🙂 Sooo, the first thing I added today was the belt 🙂 I painted everything by hand.

Here is the smudged photo of the belt, and it is really accurate with the real one.

Then it was time go make the shoes, pants etc.

Here in the middle is the blue and white logo, that was so tiny, it gave me a lot of trouble to paint it, but it is again accurate to the real one.
And there he is, ready to ” get dry” 🙂

I’ll keep you posted on the progress of the cake.
My, my my…I have 3 cakes to make this week, wish me luck!!!

Since a lot of people are asking, I guess the links I’ve posted in the posts are not visible enough, so here are the instructions how to make my Buzz Lightyear cake

-How to make a Buzz from fondant
-Decorating the finished Buzz figure-
– How to make Buzz’s ship:
– Decorating Buzz’s ship
– The cake recipes ( yellow all purpose cake layer)
– The cake recipes 2 ( the Devil’s food cake layer)


Let me know if you have other questions,