“POX” News

A wonderful fall morning.
Birds are singing, the sun is shining lazily( but it is not too hot), the leaves are starting to fall and give you this warmish-snuglish give-me-my-marshmallow-cocoa kind of feeling. ( Put the cheesy inspirational music on, please!). The “First day of school” experience passed and my son is excited just as we are, even a little more , so the constant ” but why I can’t go to school on the weekends?” question is answered as many as 20 to 30 times a day.
BUT I don’t mind it! I am just enjoying the peace and quite and I am glad that the whole birthday-partying, cake-making era for this year is over ( God, give me strength for the whole Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas-New-year marathon!).
So how would you not enjoy a day like this especially since I got my driver’s license two days ago!!! Yep, free as a bird!
Or at least that’s what I was thinking…but to continue, the day is nice, the washing machine is washing, the dishwasher too, the floor is clean, the laundry is ironed, the 3 dishes that I made are on the stove, the baby is sleeping, I am dreaming about the wonderful weekend we are going to have, the places we will go!
The life is just wonderful!
BUT….as there is always a “but” following this statement I’ve noticed ( remember the Roberto Beninni’s movie ?).
The baby wakes up and there are 3 big red pimples over her face! Nope, that just can’t be! Not this week, the first weekend we were planing to go “on vacation” somewhere!
But there is still hope, I am talking to myself, it can be anything- from food, or she slept on her face, or a giant meteorite dust fell over our house and she made a reaction to it OR SOMETHING!
Then I start undressing her…
3 more pimples!!!
My heart just sank! I called the doctor right away and in 3 min I was at her office ( boy, do we get dressed fast!)!
Nope, there is no hope at all,
CHICKEN POX, no doubt!
It is not fair!!!She just had a viral rash a month ago!!!
Yep, and ON THE EXACT DAY I was making this beautiful cake for my friend’s baby shower( the one with the baby) and this cake ( with the water lillies) for the Alex’s birthday party!
So what do you think happened with the cakes and the party?! Nothing! We couldn’t have any of it, because we couldn’t let people get sick!
I was just so upset! How that can be??
And then I glanced at the poor baby…
She just looked so miserable, my little spotty-pimplish brown-eyed angel!
How can you get mad at her, even she gives you these POX news?! 🙂

P.S: I just hope somebody else from home does not get it from her, becuase then I will have very fast answer on the above question 🙂