A Birthday Wish

“Celebrate like there is no tomorrow, you turn 21 only once!” – what a huge cliche!!!
I haven’t heard anybody turning 16 or 61 twice! Have you? Then why should we celebrate as if there is not tomorrow ONLY when we are 21?!
Because in US at that age you can drink legally? Well, I got news for you, some people in other countries stop drinking at 21! ๐Ÿ™‚
So what else?
Your mom and dad can’t tell you what to do anymore?
Oh, please!!! If you wait for a certain age to fix your parent-child relationship issues or for you to grow some balls and speak up your mind, forget about it! But of course, between speaking up your mind and disrespecting there is a big of a difference, as between talking and saying something. In both ways it is an oral presentation, but in the first case it is for the sake of talking, in the second case you can actually have something useful to say.
But enough about that ๐Ÿ™‚ I celebrated like there is no tomorrow, today, for example. And what a celebration that was!!! I cleaned for 5 days( did I mention the moving around the house, the school preparations, etc?), cooked for 72 hours ( 48 of them were only for the cake), almost got the house on fire, spend the rest of my ” free time” butt wiping, nose cleaning, boo-boo kissing, and screaming ” No, don’t touch that!!” . Yeah, as you can imagine today was my birthday party( not that I am born today though, it was earlier, but I guess if you are not lucky enough to be born on the weekend every year, you don’t get to celebrate on the actual day). So, “celebrated” the whoooole week! Celebrated so much, that when the actual guests arrived I almost fะตll asleep in the first 15 min that I sat down from exhaustion!
And as you can probably guess I do not turn 21 either!
Well, one good thing from all this! I officially announce( or brag) that I got a huge surprise for my birthday on the actual day! ๐Ÿ™‚
Remember, how I was just complaining that nobody even tries to surprise me anymore? Only 24 hours passed since then and things have changed! I won’t say what was the surprise or who did it but it was one of the best surprises I ever had, the rest is still unwritten ….
And for everybody, here is the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mb3AQFYDkMQ
As you can imagine, I wished that I have a big birthday party. I ended up inviting 25 people!!! Can you guess how many ended showing up? ๐Ÿ™‚ Usually when you don’t prepare too much food, you end up having so many guests, but when you have more than enough things to eat, there are no people to actually eat it.
Like this time for example, I baked this cake for like 2 days straight( one of the biggest and heaviest , almost 20 lbs, cakes I ever made, for more pictures check the MyCakes link), I made the impossible to finish it ( it was so hot, my icing was melting in my hands) and now I have more than half of it in the refrigerator! Well, I put it there after I bugged my pregnant friend to take at least 200 pictures of it ” because the color of the cake is not blue, it is not purple, it is light-with-a-drop-of-milk-violet” ( and it’s still not the same on the pictures, damn!)
Now I remember of this story about Marie -Antoinette, when she said to the starving villagers “Well, if there is no bread, let them eat cake!” Well, there is no bread at home, but boy, do we have cake!!!
So, enjoy the pictures and remember, although we really are 21 only once, and sometimes even think about it with regret, the truth is, as Mother Teresa said once, that more tears are shed from dreams that came true, than for the ones that never did!
P.S:Although I agree with Mother Teresa, I decided this year, when I blow the candles( only 2 of course, the number ones) to make a wish, everybody’smost sacred and wanted dream to come true! So, just in case this is one of the wishes that will come true, if you want to take my advice, better think well before you wish for something tomorrow, because it can actually happen!:-)