Easy Halloween Decoration For Less

I am completely mentally unprepared for the cold weather but I love decorating for different holidays at home. Unfortunately, lately I find less and less time to spend making interesting crafts to decorate. However, the lack of time is not a reason for me to go and buy a ton of cheap junk that falls apart by next year. One of my co-workers surprised us all at work with beautiful Halloween jars. I’ve never thought about jars as a great decoration, but I was so inspired by her creation, that I immediately decided to make some for home.

Halloween Jars

The concept is pretty easy- get jars, whatever kind you have at home. Find leftover craft supplies in appropriate colors ( fall colors, Halloween colors etc) and go crazy. Please, make sure you don’t use real candles in them. The battery operated candles are the best choice and they are really cheap. You can also use the jars without candles at all.

They sure give a cozier feel to this fireplace mantel, don’t you think?

Halloween Jars 2
How are you getting ready for Halloween?