‘Stache Bash Extravaganza – Updated!

Most of you probably don’t remember that a couple of months ago I wrote on Annie’s Art Book Facebook page that my daughter decided to have a mustache birthday party. I was really hoping that she will choose this theme since I’ve been dying to make mustache crafts. I jumped right on the task ( I have my Mustache Pinterest Board to prove it). It was so much fun trying to figure out how to make things work together with the colors she chose. Of course,  we had to have pink. HOT pink. And of course, we had to have DOTS. So, there you go, color coordination mission complete.

The invitations were a blast of course, I had so much fun making them and I think the envelopes turned out cute too. 

<MayJuly2  2013 (2 of 31)COPY
Although, I completely and totally despise my printer. I know it’s not supposed to have the best quality but since I haven’t installed the new one yet, I was kind of hoping that the old one will work just so I can print them all. Can you believe it took me more than 5 hours to print 10 (!!!) invitations and envelopes? I wouldn’t mention the amount of cursing that went into it, I plead the 5th.
The Hershey chocolates and Snapple strawberry drinks came out cute too.
MayJuly2  2013 (13 of 31)     MayJuly2  2013 (11 of 31)
The notebooks, tattoos and pencils ( with inscription Ellie’s 7th B-day Stache Bash) are going to be a huge hit I think.Oriental Trading Company surprised me, everything was much cheaper than at other places and the order arrived very fast. 
MayJuly2  2013 (7 of 31)        MayJuly2  2013 (4 of 31)
I also printed stickers ( just regular round ones from Walmart) to give the guests when they leave.
MayJuly2  2013 (10 of 31)

I hope the kids like the mustache straws too. The fans that hang from the ceiling are also from Oriental Trading Company’s webiste. The black and white dots were Ellie’s idea. Here is everything together if you want to take a look.

MayJuly2  2013 (8 of 31)

As a freebie surprise- I am offering the Hershey Chocolate wrappers, the Mustache labels of the bottles and the stickers files FOR FREE. If you would like to get the files to print, just send me your e-mail address and I will send them to you. Of course, I will remove Ellie’s name from them.
In the mean time, check out the “CAKE” I made for her 😉

Update: I finally found the time to publish some of the pictures from the actual party.

MayJuly2  2013 (36 of 94)

The party itself was a blast of course, the Puppet People Puppet show was amazing, kids and adults laughed the whole time. There was a bit of drama too, just before the party I realized I didn’t have a banner for her and I had to make one at the last minute.

MayJuly2  2013 (35 of 94)
I was in doubt if I should make any appetizers, since the kids usually eat very little or not at all, but it turned out they were a hit. I don’t know if it was because of the ‘stache toothpicks or just because they liked the vegetables and cheese 🙂
MayJuly2  2013 (70 of 94)
The birthday girl was all smiles the whole time! 
MayJuly2  2013 (84 of 94)
I am glad I “snuck” a picture with her at the end. 
MayJuly2  2013 (93 of 94)

Ta-Ta for now,