Valentine’s day Gift sets

Do you know what is the biggest issue I have with Valentine’s day? Time!!! I never ever have enough of that and around Valentine’s day, because my semester starts a little before that, is even worse.

So, I have ton of gift sets to show you, I just hope I can find the time to post everything before the actual Valentine’s day. However, I have some good news! You know how I always show you things that I make and everyone here or on the Facebook page says they wish they can have them? Well, lucky for you now you can! After each gift set ( in this post and the next ones after) there would be a link where you can purchase these gift sets!
And  because it is soon Valentine’s day and I feel in a loving mood, and also because you are simply amazing for reading my blog and I love you for that, you will receive a 10% Off your purchase!
How to get your gift from me? Simply fill in this coupon code at check out :

Now to get back to the gift sets. This year I decided not to make any cards ( compared to last year, when I went a liiiittle overboard with it). So, if you get one of my Valentine’s day cards from before, you should feel totally lucky, since there ain’t no more this year. 
But, on the other hand I had enough time to concentrate on creating fabulous combinations of handmade gifts that will help you express your feelings to the person you get them for. 
This gift set I call ” Key to My Heart”. Yes, you know I love giving names to the things I make, but do you know why that is? I apply all my heart and skill in everything I make, all of these things you see on my website, they are a part of me, like my children. And children have names, don’t they?
Valentine's Day New1 (23)
Valentine's Day New1 (22)    Valentine's Day New1 (24)

My second set for today I call ” Picture Me Lovely”.

Valentine's Day New1 (32)

Valentine's Day New1 (31)   Valentine's Day New1 (29)

And you can purchase it from here:

 And before you ask- no, it does not come with MY picture in it! 🙂 You can place whatever picture you like in it. 🙂

I hope you like two of my gift sets and I hope you stop by tomorrow to see the other ones. 🙂