Christmas tree ornament tradition

Since the very first Christmas Alex and I spent together we decided to create our own family tradition and each year buy a single Christmas tree ornament. A  couple of days before Christmas the whole family goes out and picks up that ornament that we hang on Christmas day. Our Christmas tree might not look fashionably decorated with matching ornaments and colors, but it is so heartwarming to decorate it, picking up piece by piece each and every memory we have collected through the years. Remembering the funny stories, Christmases past, sometimes the tears and heartbreak of the loss of a loved one…it is priceless to us. 

This leads me to the my Christmas ornaments, the ones that I make. One thing that I always appreciate in a Christmas tree ornament is how breakable it is, that is why I love making unbreakable, childproof Christmas tree ornaments. Wood is absolutely perfect for that.  I love giving and receiving Christmas tree ornaments as gifts too. It is awesome to remember a person that you love on Christmas day, when you are trimming the tree, don’t you think?

This year’s ornaments that I made :

Christmas tree ornaments- bells
Christmas tree orgnaments Dec1211
Teardrop Christmas tree ornaments
Christmas tree orgnaments Dec1219
Christmas tree ornaments- pear shaped
Christmas tree orgnaments Dec1218
Christmas tree ornaments- lights
Christmas tree orgnaments Dec1217
Christmas tree ornaments- soldiers
Christmas tree orgnaments Dec1215
Aren’t they perfect to send to a soldier overseas? Small enough to keep in your pocket, durable, just perfect!

Christmas tree ornaments- houses
Christmas tree orgnaments Dec127

Christmas tree orgnaments Dec124

Joy sign
Christmas tree orgnaments Dec122

Christmas sign

Christmas tree orgnaments Dec121
If you would like to buy any of these, they are available at my Etsy store for purchase.  Hurry, there is still time to get them before Christmas!