While I was looking through my old picture stash I found these and I wanted to share. There aren’t that many people who agreed to pose for me through the years, so these are definitely special. I rarely draw people. I don’t know why, maybe because it is too time consuming, too frustrating if the model is not still and I like to take my time and totally immerse myself in the details of their faces, especially the eyes. Eyes are my thing, I’ve always said it, compared to hands, which I hate drawing.
So, to decide to draw a person I have to feel a special connection with the moment, the facial expression, the feeling that radiates from that person, the person itself. In other words, it’s complicated.

the kindest, sweetest person you could find. I am so happy I was able to share her special moment a couple of weeks ago. Even if we don’t see each other or talk that often, every time we are together is like we have never been apart. That is the portrait of a true friend.
Although I never met Malenna in person( I know her mom), she is simply stunning little girl. This drawing was my first charcoal study and I never drew another. 
Malenna, charcoal sketch
She is the most beautiful pregnant woman I have ever seen. People often say pregnant women have this special aura, now I believe it. Noelia was simply radiant. 
Jo-Jo –

 is a bright young man now, but as far as I hear, he still  has the same mischievous smile.

my very own, my only little big boy that wants to be e grown up. How did he pose his fingers like that, I still can’t explain.
my other one ;-). Now this little cutie loved to tickle tree leaves. Her first apple picking was unbelievable fun, there were many pictures taken and of course, the drawing followed.
just look at her eyes! She is older now, writing in her traveling journal, a sophisticated young lady.Same beautiful, wise eyes, though.
the love of my life. Nothing more beautiful than to watch his peaceful face while he is sleeping.