Rainy, lazy afternoon. Although Fall is calling you with her colorful attire to join her, jumping in puddles in your rain boots and coat, sometimes it is nice to stay in your PJ’s, to stay in, relax and enjoy doing nothing. Unfortunately, in our family doing nothing is completely out of the question and “doing nothing” actually means “do-something-we-don’t-usually-do-but-will-enjoy-doing”, so it was no surprise my little one challenged me to have a Draw-Off.

” What’s a Draw-Off?” I said, hoping to hear her colorful explanation. She loves to talk, but what she loves even more is to explain things to you. And she’s pretty good at it, I have to admit, so I don’t miss a chance to make her “explain” things to me, because as she says, she has “her own version” every time you ask.

“It’s like a Bake-Off, but we’re drawing, you know, with pencils”, she chirps.

“Done”, I say and we begin to get our “artist materials” out.

“What should we draw then?” I ask her.

” Let’s draw Daddy, because we love him so much.”

What a wonderful idea! We are also lucky that Daddy is sleeping, so it will be easy.
We set the timer and we draw- 15 minutes on a sketch.

Her first try ( don’t forget she’s 6):
Draw off21
I love her attention to detail, don’t you? Notice the fingernails, the shape of the head, the beard, the little lines on the lips, the watch. I thing it’s awesome for a first try. And here is what I did:
She didn’t want to stop there, so the drawing continued. ( And she caught me off guard drawing in my favorite fluffy socks, and took a picture of me)
Draw off2
My second sketch wasn’t as nice as the first one, but what can you do, Sharpies are not my thing I guess.
Draw off1
She however moved on from pencil to dry erase board, showing me that beauty is fleeting.
Fleeting or not, the beauty and sincerity of her smile will always fill my heart with joy.
What filled your heart with joy today?