Merida DIY costume

Ellie and I were so excited to pick up some fabric and embellishments to make her a Merida Halloween costume. Initially we thought we would just buy a costume, but the options available were either ridiculously looking or ridiculously expensive, so good old DIY option was our last resort. We bought only the wig and the bow and arrows.

Merida Costume15
The costume according to Ellie is ” bull’s eye” 🙂
Merida Costume112
Believe it or not, the costume is absolutely no sew. I used only fabric glue and fabric heat tape.Well, I sew the buttons, but that’s the extent of the sewing part 🙂
Merida Costume19
It was really nice that I had some of the materials left to make a strap for the bow and pouch for the arrows to match the outfit.
Merida Costume111
Merida Costume110

Kalin has trouble deciding what he wants, but we are playing with a couple of ideas. What are your kids wearing for Halloween?