Fabric roses

Ok, so I started a Pinterest account  and at first it was fun, to pin things, here…and there. Then I looked around what other people are pinning, then I looked around what other people’s friends are pinning…and I realized that I shouldn’t allowed to get close to Pinterest. Ever.
I could spend a whole day looking at things on Pinterest, people! That’s not funny, especially since I not only look but I actually want to MAKE things…that’s when it gets serious. I mean, I learned how to make fried chicken ( all right, the scientific way of achieving a perfect chicken crust and golden crunchy color, AND have the chicken actually cooked inside!), make fabric roses and organize my lingerie drawer with a utensils holder in 15 minutes! That’s how addictions start!

Headbands May 20123
Headbands May 20125

So, I couldn’t resist…and I made 2 headbands with the fabric roses I was practicing on and although I gave both to my daughter ( of course), I am ashamed to admit I “borrowed” one to wear at my son’s B-day party( you can probably guess which one).
The birthday party- I did not forget, I will cover it in the next post, stay tuned!