Mommy, I want you to make me something pretty!

My little pumpkin was sick for 4 days straight. I hate seeing her so unhappy and cranky, but I love snuggling with her, when the only thing that makes her better is my kisses and my hugs.
How can you say “No” to these hazel eyes with fluttering eyelashes? ( guess where she learned that from!)

Something pretty it is, then. Mommy always keeps around some art and craft things for a quick project on the go. Yes, recently these happen more often than the carefully planned and executed ones, which is a shame of course, but no matter, one more year…just one more year and I’ll be done with school and all will be back to normal. I mean, as normal as it every has been in our house. 🙂

A pretty headband, to match her blue outfit ( today we even fought over an old light blue jacket, that she insisted on wearing to school, because it matches her headband).
A headband, 3 buttons and 1 long green piece of ribbon, 3 smaller blue pieces of ribbon and we had a pretty headband that sparkles.

Blue Headband02

Her eyes sparkled too and that was the best part.