UB Homework

When I first heard that we’ll have Photoshop retouch homework I was really happy, because some years ago I was working as Image editor at a modeling agency. Although it was tedious and sometimes boring job ( unless you have five models behind you talking too fast for their own good, “explaining” to you  which part of their body you should fix first) sometimes I miss the ” fixing” effect of it.
It would be so easy if we can fix things the way we do with Photoshop, wouldn’t it? One brushstroke and 10 lbs from last Christmas are gone. Second brush stroke and your hair is longer…

Anyway, I’m a little rusty with the retouch, but still I think I did OK for not using retouch for 11 years.
What do you think?

Fixing red eyes ( Ok, I added a little extra from me)
redeyes1     redeyes1
Fixing underexposed picture
underexposed    underexposed1
Skin correction and blemishes
skin   skin1

Now here is time to mention that I just got my brand new Lightroom 3 ( Boo-yah) and I’m enjoying it very, very much ! 🙂
Do you use retouch for your own pictures?  I honestly don’t have time to do that for my own pictures but it’s nice to have an idea how to do it, right?