Update on Niskayuna Art out! WOW!

WOW is really all I can say! I had no idea that our work would be judged so that was a  big surprise, but actually winning 2nd place was even bigger surprise for me! It was really my first time participating in an event like that and getting the 2nd place prize under these circumstances it’s pretty good in my book! 🙂

Niskayuna Art Out 201125

I won with the woodburned plaque ” Niskayuna Train Station” which was my very first woodburned landscape. I had never tried it before and I always found it intimidating so imagine my astonishment when everyone complimented it and then I won the prize with it.

Niskayuna Train Station 201101

I received compliments from the judges for my other work too and that was very uplifting too.  The second reception with media coverage will be on Sept 27th at 6:30 pm in Niskayuna Town Hall, if you would like to join us. Until then all our work will be displayed in Niskayuna Town Hall for sale.

Here are some pictures from the event tonight and a couple of snapshots of my work on display.

Well, congratulations to me and I’ll keep you posted on more exciting news! 🙂

In case you have missed the other work I created for the event, you can read this post