Niskayuna Train Station Art Out 2011

I had absolutely no idea what I’m signing for but I thought that whatever it is, if there is ART and it’s OUT( side) it would be fun.
Of course I was right! 🙂
I don’t remember painting/drawing/woodburning for 2 straight days ever! The only down side was that I actually had to work both days, not like I planned but I managed somehow to survive ( talk about being tired today! Ha!) I met wonderful people aaaaand maybe have some interesting ( 😉 hint, hint) news in the making, will update you when I know more!

Here is everything I managed to make for the 15 hours I spent working on Friday and Saturday:

1. White ink on black background- ” Conversation”

Conversation 201102

2 . Ink and Copic markers- ” Inside”

Inside 201102

3. Watercolor and Ink – ” Journey”

Journey 201101

4.Woodburned plaque- ” Niskayuna Train Station Lion’s park”

Niskayuna Train Station 201101

5. Woodburning- ” Blossom”

Blossom 201101

You can check out more detailed pictures of the artwork if you click on the images.
I feel very satisfied with the amount of work I managed to finish this weekend. I didn’t dare hope that I will have so many things, but here they are, speaking for themselves. I hope you enjoy them as I did and if you are interested in purchasing any of them, you can contact me through the Contact page or Facebook for prices, size etc.

Off to enjoy the nice reception at the art show! 🙂


P.S Update- I won 2nd place with the ” Niskayuna Train Station” woodburned plaque!! YAY! 🙂