Lalaloopsy update

Just a quick update on what I’ve done in the past couple of days for the Lalaloopsy birthday party I’m planing for my daughter. It wasn’t easy but I’ve found the time somehow…I drew in Corel Painter Essentials the doll, then I colored it. After with the help of the Silhouette software I made different designs, printed them out, then cut them with my digital cutter Silhouette. It took quite a while, since I haven’t used the cutter very much and it showed I lacked experience ( which was obvious around the time I asked the kids to go to the other room so I can curse as much as I like and of course by the full recycling bin with papers). At the end I think I did fine. It was interesting enough to keep me busy anyway.

So, the placement cards are done.
Lalaloopsy party decorations02
The special “birthday ribbon”  too.
Lalaloopsy party decorations04

The birthday bags took twice the time, because I had to make two pieces for them – one big image for the package and one small one as a tag with the name of the child. 
Lalaloopsy party decorations05

Did I also mention I did all of the “stitch” work by hand on all of the decorations? Yeah…gimme that crazy mom award!
Lalaloopsy party decorations06

And last but not least, here are the 4 designs for the birthday cards I made:
Lalaloopsy party decorations07

The actual image of the Lalaloopsy doll I printed on a sparkling cream colored paper. Unfortunately on my pictures the image looks just grainy but in person the effect is quite cool.
Lalaloopsy party decorations09

Lalaloopsy party decorations10

I think the stitching added little bit of a lalaloopsy touch that the cards needed before 🙂
Lalaloopsy party decorations12

Going into lalaloopsy zone again, see you soon!