Birthday madness

This summer is probably the busiest yet. I can’t remember when was the last time when I actually had time to catch my breath. Oh, and I have kids. Not to mention I’m starting school in a month and I’m having second thoughts on how this is going to work out with my schedule. Did I mention I have kids?
Yes…the kids. Well, one of them has a birthday very soon hence, the B-day party planning.
I hate b-day party planning. On my birthday I want to stay as long as I want in bed, to wake up and have my brunch served for me and to spend the afternoon near the pool with a book and a cocktail in hand, thank you very much!

However, my daughter ( Thing 2) has a slightly different idea about the event. She’s imagining something in the lines of spending a week making her cake, spending a month preparing the favors, decorations and attire. She also wants HANDMADE invitations (The audacity! Like someone has made them invitations for all of their birthdays. Oh, wait…I did. Bummer. ). And last but not least- the 5 course meal.
Hello?! Working mother here!Adjust your expectations if you please!
Note to self-  that’s what happens when you spent the last 10 years at home.

My trusted friend in the next 4 weeks

 Ellie5th Birthday preparations 13

So, after a long deliberation we were set on a date and place( that thankfully provided all of the above, minus the handmade invitations). That place was( please note the past tense) going to cost me half an arm and half a leg, but if I didn’t have to spend the next 3 weeks bending over backwards to work as a cake shop, Party city, Michales, Perfect maid cleaning service and  Bozo the clown entertainment I was all for it.

But I just knew it’s too good to be true. It turned out they don’t allow pinatas at the facility and this is something my daughter absolutely positively cannot live without! Right.
So we are having the party at home. Again. Great.

At least I was hoping there would be some ready made decorations etc to use. Nope. She choose as a theme Lalaloopsy dolls ( damn these button eyed chicks) and so far…I’ll have to make the invitations, decorations, cake and games. I AM NOT making the food! For now. Ask me again in 3 weeks. No, even better, ask me the day before.

The conclusion….I started working on the project. The earlier the better if you ask me, considering I can’t work on it every day. Sigh.

The doll that is in the center of it all is this one ( which is already ordered and shipped) and everything will match her “character”. Oh, and the other great thing- the kids invited vary from 3 to 15 years old, so the art project we are doing has to be fun for every one.
Fun. Fun. Fun.
Anyway, if you are up to seeing work in progress, here are some of the things I’m working on.

 I calculated that each piece costs approximately $2. I made them from Styrofoam balls, wooden rods ( for cakes) 0.28c glass bottles and I bought 1 large Hawaian flower garland from Party City for 2.50. I made all 3 purple centerpieces with it. The pink garland was $1 and I made 2 pink ones from it.
Ellie5th Birthday preparations 09

I have seen people refer to these as flowers, fans and/or lanterns. Whatever they are, I think they are pretty cool. I was working on them last night just before I went to bed at 9 pm ( yeah, some of us wake up at 4:30am) but I have more to do. 
Ellie5th Birthday preparations 11 
 Considering they are made out of tissue paper + string+ ribbon, they cost around $2 a piece too.
Ellie5th Birthday preparations 01

Ellie5th Birthday preparations 15
My favorite part, I can’t wait to use these!
Ellie5th Birthday preparations 16
Ribbon and balloons 
Ellie5th Birthday preparations 17    Ellie5th Birthday preparations 18
The craft supplies
Ellie5th Birthday preparations 20
Wish me luck!