Sneak peak

I am so excited ! I have been asked to prepare a cake and a paper gift set for a very special girl and I have been working on that for the past week and I wanted to share what we are going to surprise the little girl with. Her mom really liked the Pottery Barn elephant that I drew and decided to have that as a theme and butterflies. Oh, and the girl’s favorite color is lime green, so the photo album was my idea.

The whole gift set
Caroline gift set01
A gift box for the little cross her mom got her
Caroline gift set03
A gift bag to carry all the things
Caroline gift set04
A photo album that has little butterflies, buttons and trees
Caroline gift set05
A little sketchpad/journal with craft paper and stamped golden butterflies on each page.
Caroline gift set07

A little correction- we added the name of the girl to the notebook as well, so here it is:
Caroline notebook01
Soon I’ll show you pictures of the cake as well!