“Paola” – to be happy when you are sad

" Paola" gift set

Have you had a friend, who you got to know though a whole bunch of mysteriously coincidental circumstances that totally gave you the feeling of serendipity? For me that is my friend Polina, who I know almost 17 years now. It’s unbelievable how life( or fate) gets it’s way to separate us and then get us back together only to separate us again but for the major events in our life we have always been there for each other, and time and space never affected our relationship. I might not see her for 2 years and then when I talk to her it’s like we’ve parted yesterday. That is why I am really, really sad and really really happy at the same time today. 

Polina is getting married on 15 of March and there is so much joy and happiness in my heart for her that it really makes it sad not to be able to share her very special day. Various circumstances are a factor ( unfortunately non of them is affected by how much I want to go) and my family and I won’t be able to see her dressed in white. Nonetheless I wish her and her husband love, mutual respect and friendship for all their days to come!

This set I dedicate to her, since I know that in Italy ( where she lives) she is often called Paolina or Paola. 🙂  Also I know she happens to love the color brown, so I hope she likes it! 🙂

Congratulations, Poli and Stefano! We love you!

– the bookmark
"Paola" bookmark

– the notebook
"Paola" notebook
– the back of the notebook
"Paola" notebook

– the box 
"Paola" gift box

If you feel like sharing a story about your friends, I would love to hear them!