“Isabella” in purple

"Isabella" gift set
One of my favorite colors is a specific shade of purple. It’s something between violet and lavender with a drop of milk and I was so happy to find a paper that color. 

Oh, I like this color all right, so much that  if I can’t keep a sweater( or two) in my closet I feel like I have nothing to wear. And believe me, these sweaters  are not easy to find! I remember when my daughter spilled grape juice on one of them. It took me 2 years to find a replacement!
Unfortunately, purple is one of the toughest colors to photograph because the light changes it so much. I can’t say I did a great job capturing it in these pictures but I really enjoyed the look of the finished product and I hope you enjoy it as much!

– the bookmark
"Isabella" bookmark-detail
"Isabella" bookmark
– the notebook

"Isabella" sticky note notebook