I have been going through my box of cards the other day and I saw couple of cards that I made last year but never made it to anyone’s home. I have posted before how I drew the pictures for these cards ( check out the previous post) and then I posted the actual cards I made ( you can see them here).
As you can see the cards images are drawn with colored pencils and at the time they didn’t look bad but when I saw them now, I thought since I already have the Copic markers, I can “remaster” them and freshen them up.
See for yourself what came out of it:

The old version     vs.    the new version
Carrot festival09001   Valentine's day cards 20112

The old version    vs    the new version
 Carrot festival09011    Valentine's day cards 20111 
The old version     vs      the new version
Carrot festival09013        Valentine's day cards 201122
The old version    vs        the new version
Carrot festival09014      Valentine's day cards 201123

The old version   vs      the new version

Carrot festival09016      Valentine's day cards 201124

The old version    vs     the new version

cards3ndbatch003     Valentine's day cards 201125

The old version   vs  the new version

Carrot festival09009       Remastered cards Jan 20113

The old version   vs  the new version
 Carrot festival09010       Remastered cards Jan 20111

Old version   vs   new version
cards3ndbatch010      Remastered cards Jan 20112

If you want to take a close look at the drawings just click on the pictures and if you want to see more pictures, visit my Flickr set.

Have you remastered any of your cards before? Do you think it’s worth it or you just go ahead and make new ones?I feel it’s kind of like restoration and to me it brings a good feeling of preserving something and make it better and help it last longer.