More often than you think…

I admit, I have a huge problem giving titles to my drawings. Whenever I give a title, the drawing just came with it and it’s like I’ve always known it. With some other drawings though, it’s like every time I look at them I see them differently and that’s usually totally different from the way I felt about them when creating them. So I can’t settle on a name. 
This is one of the ones that didn’t come with a name. However, it is very precious to my heart and I wanted to share it with you. 
For the drawing I used Copic bleedproof paper and Copic markers. Don’t recommend the paper though, I’ve mentioned that before. 
Untitled 10002
Here it is framed
Untitled 10003
And framed on the wall
Untitled 10005
I’m working on a couple of drawings that have similar features, I’ll share them when I’m ready.