Bugging bugs

These bugging bugs that make your bugging life bugful!
I’m not talking about the love bugs and I’m definitely not posting any Valentine’s day crafts today too. I’m talking about the stomach bugs that make feel like all the creativity is getting drained out of you in the wrong direction and no matter how hard you try, you can’t even think of getting out of that bed for more than 10 minutes.
So, since I have 10 minutes,  let’s make them count, shall we? 🙂
Sketches and drawings Sept 20100006
My Valentine’s day inspiration might not be here yet, but there is plenty of snow outside, so here is some snowy white food for thought for you with the color purple for fun. Yikes, I shouldn’t have mentioned food…going before I get a picture of the color green up-close and personal.
Stay healthy!