A new woodburning piece

After all the Christmas stuff I woodburned, it was time to show something more artsy. This piece I made couple of months ago, unfortunately only now I got around things to post it. I really want to make couple more plates soon and maybe a birch panel or too if I get to it, but we’ll see how it will fit with my schedule.

I hope you like this one. It’s different than the others, but I like it. One regret I have is that I don’t have one of the woodburners with temperature regulation ( I use a cheep $9 woodburner) and the effects I want to create with it are quite limited. On top of that 2 of my favorite woodburning tips broke and I can’t find a replacement ( at lest none that will cost me less than the whole woodburner. 


Anyway, I felt like sharing some warmth with a woodburned piece and a cup of cocoa with marshmallows!
Have a wonderful week, everyone!