To be continued…

Some of you ( hopefully) remember my post from November, in which I presented the drawing ” Equipped” that I drew with the Prismacolor markers. That drawing was made on a post card size ( 5×7) and I swore to myself I’ll redo it once I get my Copic markers.
Here is the second version of that drawing, made with Copic markers and larger size of course- 8×11 this time.

Equipped 21

Here is some detail of the drawing too
Equipped 24

Equipped 23
And here it is in a 9X12 frame on the wall
Equipped 26

Even with this bad quality of the pictures you can tell the difference between the first drawing with the Prismacolors and the second drawing with the Copic markers:

1. Prismacolor brush tip markers- 5×7
Sketches and drawings Sept 20100004

2. Copic Sketch brush tip markers- 8X11

Equipped 22
Absolutely incomparable, look at the shading on the second one, and this is my second drawing with them. The paper is Papertray by the way. I highly recommend it for Copics, since it’s heavier than the bleed proof paper Copic made. It is a real pleasure to work with these markers! I hope I can show you more of the new things I have been working on soon. 
Happy Holidays everyone!