I’ve been playing around with my Prismacolor markers and while listening to this( and all time favorite):

And this:
I was just doodling and here is what I came up with. For some reason my camera didn’t catch the true hue of the paper but this picture I think is closer to the original.
Sketches and drawings Sept 20100008
I seriously need to take some classed on how to take pictures of artwork, because I’m having trouble with the colors constantly. Here are couple of different shades of the same one:
Sketches and drawings Sept 20100011 Sketches and drawings Sept 20100012

I haven’t planned for the “design” to be like that. To be honest I didn’t know I was drawing hair until I was half way through the drawing. The “heart” shape I don’t like very much, but again, it wasn’t planned to be there, it just happened. And sometimes things that happen work, sometimes they don’t. I like the hair, but I would skip the heart shape if I had to do it again. 
It’s been years since I drew hair…and this was with a brush tip marker, so it’s not as good as I would wanted it to be, but still it’s not that bad too. I need more practice and now that I got the Copic markers( post about them coming soon!) it’s even more exciting to try new techniques.
Have a very hairy day :-),