With color and without!

Again a sneak peek in my sketchbook for the my ever so curious readers!

1. This is one of my favorites in today’s post! I am planing to redo this one with color ( the new Copic markers, hint, hint 😉 because I think then it will show the true beauty of it! The idea of making it whit pastel tones ( just to a hint of color) and bold gray is very, very appealing indeed!

Sketches and drawings Sept 20100045

2. Sometimes the magic just doesn’t work the first time but I don’t always come back to sketches that don’t work for me, this is one of the rare cases. I think the idea was in my head the whole time and probably it was me who wasn’t ready to finish it, who knows…But now I like it much, much better!

Sketches and drawings Sept 20100046

3. This is my first drawing with the Prismacolor brush markers and I made it like what….3 months ago already?Gosh, I can’t believe it took me so long to publish it! 🙂 Isn’t there something Dr.Seussian in it? What do you think?

Sketches and drawings Sept 20100035

4. This one I really, really like! The while idea with the eyes, and the trees, the connection, the roots and the guy that’s hidden there…it just works for me.

Sketches and drawings Sept 20100022

5. This one is very tricky! Does the ” planet” thingy try to get away from the small one on the left or is it trying to pull closer? Are they racing, or maybe playing hide and seek?

Sketches and drawings Sept 20100023

6.This one holds a lot of emotion and movement for me! Not only because of the “wind”, but take a look at it! it’s a landscape…and then it isn’t. There is something very sad about it…

Sketches and drawings Sept 20100021

7. This one has a very funny story! At first I started drawing it vertical, then I moved on to finish it horizontal. I like it this way much better! I think I’m getting attached to the idea of drawing outlandish landscapes. True, it doesn’t work every time, but sometimes it does and these are the times that count. 🙂

Sketches and drawings Sept 20100019

I’ll be happy to hear your comments and thoughts! 
How do these make you feel, what do you think when you are looking at them etc.