In need of a title! ( and Copic’s)

I usually am very good at thinking of titles for my work, but this one really puzzled me!
It’s drawn on a card again, similar to what I did for my husband’s birthday. I drew it using the Prismacolor brush tip markers that I’ve been posting about.

Sketches and drawings Sept 20100002

This one really, really touches me! I would change the colors of course, I have only basic colors with the Prismacolor markers, but guess what! I’M GETTING MY FIRST COPIC’s TODAY!!!!
I’m so excited I’ve been waiting for the mail at the door for the past couple of hours. Of course, I’m sure the moment I stop waiting they’ll arrive, but that’s OK. I’ll have the whole evening to try all the magic they can do!

So, what do you think about this one? What colors do you think I should use? Maybe make it a little bit bigger?