My best friend had her birthday at the beginning of September ( just like me!) and here is what I made her for her birthday:

A basket of flowers that I arranged for her

Rose's present20100012
A book that I got her ( I wrapped it in pink tissue paper then with transparent paper on top and I added some perfumed punched out flower confetti in between). The finishing touch was a green ribbon. 
Rose's present20100008
Last but not least was her B-day card, the theme again was pink and green

Rose's present20100001

Rose's present20100005

And this was the poem I wrote for her on the card:

by Annie Kochneva

If a faithful friend is medicine
I’m always going to be healthy.
If a true friend is bread
I’m never going to starve.
If a trustful friend is water
I’m never going to go thirsty.
If a loving friend is always there
I’ll never know loneliness.

But if my friend is all of these,
I’ll will know true happiness.