5th Annual Electric City Film Fest & Expo and Me

Ok, so I’ve been keeping it a secret, but it’s time to spill the beans! 🙂
Remember when I mentioned that I’m working on something that surprised me and will surprise you as well?
Well, I am happy to announce that I made my first poster ever ( as a courtesy to my friend Don) for the 5th
Annual Electric City Film Fest & Expo! 

Check it out!

This is their Facebook page with the attendance invitation!

 This is the original version of the poster:
Option 4Final1
I had to adjust some of the colors and this is the version that was printed out:
Option 4Final Corrections2

I was very worried how it will turn out, since I’ve never done a computer drawing and the only thing I had was Corel Painter Essentials ( trial version, so no extras for me) that I had no huge experience with.  I made 6-7 sketches of the poster ( I’m still thinking about posting them too), but this was the one that Don chose.

At the end I’m really pleased with the result and I think it turned out well for a first try, what do you think?

Oh, and I’ll be there Sunday, so if you want to come along and watch some movies, go ahead! 🙂

See you Sunday,