The Line King and I

You all have seen the movie ” The King and I“, right? This whole thing reminds me of that movie, how I “met” Al Hirschfeld I mean.
Until I saw the movie about him ( The Line king) , I had no idea who is Al Hirschfeld and I am eternally grateful for the recommendation, because this was one of the most awesome movies about artist I’ve seen. I mean I’ve seen Frida ( about Frida Khalo), I’ve seen ” Pollock” ( about Jackson Pollock) and they were good, but ” The line king has something the other two don’t – the real artist in them!

Seeing him work, seeing his workspace, the schedule he follows and all the little details about his routine, it was incredible!

So, here is how my inspiration for a caricature came. Granted I’m no good, but I had so much fun! 🙂 Notice all the little details in the background.


And then I started thinking “in line”: 
And then the lines came together: 
And then this came out ( I like to think of him as Hirschfeld, I think you might call it a drawing from memory, since I am convinced this is him, although it doesn’t look much like him)


And then ” Gossip” was born:

And the party started:

And suddenly I had an idea:

But I’ll talk about the idea next time, now I have to go prepare it, so I can show it to you soon!