My very own tutu collection!

You’ve probably been wondering why I’m not posting enough lately…BECAUSE I NEED AN ASSISTANT! No, seriously! 
I’m working on so many things at the same time, that it’s not possible to keep up with postings…After all even I need some food and sleep from time to time! 🙂
But, being a busy bee as I was this week, I’m bringing to your attention my very own tutu and headband collection!

Let me know which one is your favorite!/ КАЖЕТЕ МИ КОЙ Е ВАШИЯТ ФАВОРИТ!
 1. Blue Mist ( blue flowers and light blue tulle) with a matching headband.
2.Daisy taste ( soft green tulle with small daisy flowers) and a matching large daisy headband
3. Golden Breeze ( with dark and light gold tulle, golden string and gold stars) and a matching headband with light golden tulle, golden string and flower.

 4. Purple candy ( light violet tulle, sparkling violet accents, purple paper flowers) and a matching headband with white rose, light violet tulle and violet ribbon. 
5.Red Ahead ( white and red tulle with red ribbon, sparkling red string) and a matching headband with red flower, sparkling red string and 2 feathers.
 6. Rose garden ( white and pink tulle, pink roses, pink and green ribbon) and a matching headband with pink rose and green leaves.
7. Sunflower ( yellow tulle and ribbon) and a matching headband with yellow flower.
8. True Red ( red, white and pink tulle with red paper flowers and sparkling accent) and a matching red flower, white and red ribbon.
9. Under the stars( light violet tulle, gold tulle with a sparkling golden stars) and a matching headband with violet rose with violet tulle.
10.  White emotion( light pink tulle with white rose leaves) and a matching white flower headband.
 11.Double tutu trouble ( two tutus from above one on top of the other)
 And yes, I’ve taken all the pictures as well! 🙂