Working hard or hardly working? :-)

I have a problem!
I can’t have a normal vacation! I don’t even know what a normal vacation means for that matter!
So, I did an experiment.
I took 2 weeks off of everything!
Or…so I thought.
The first 3 days I cleaned (main reason being, my mom coming from Bulgaria and we had to reorganize a couple of rooms, at least that’s the official version).

The next 4 days I tried getting our schedule together with my mom here (still working on on that one), but no sitting down and relaxing was involved, strictly planned fun time!
Fun, Fun, Fun!!! Have fun I said! ( mean looks)
Day 8 was the worst!
I totally wanted to drop down the vacation thing and start working! I couldn’t sit down an relax anyway, I might as well have the courtesy to call it work, right?
But, pure vanity kept me on the brink of changing the name of whatever I was having( work or vacation),  after all I officially announced the vacation, and vacations are trendy this time of the year, right?.
So by day 13 of my so called vacation, that I felt so exhausted. I think I’ll need to get some rest after this vacation business. Who knew actively forcing yourself to vacation can be so exhausting?!

14th, I finally made a list of things I was working on while I was “on vacation”:
– my portfolio website ( great news! it’s almost done!)
– Made A LOT of sketches ( 50+)
-Did Some cooking
– Done reading 6 books 
– Watched 5 movies
-Translated at least 6 English movies for my mom ( and this is exhausting!)
–  Had 2 dinners out ( as a grown up, no kids)
–  Made a full Baptismal set for my daughter ( with the candle decoration, a hair wreath etc)
– Organized for the kids 6 play dates
– Caught up on regular check ups for the whole family
– Went to a concert
Life is great, isn’t it? 🙂
I often get the question :
” Where do you find time to do all this?? I have (1-2-3-+10) kids and I can’t find time to look at myself  in the mirror, let alone do anything else.”
 Well…this is my desk while I’m working:
Elena sleeping0002

I think it explains a lot, doesn’t it?
Still doubting? Well, look at my vacation list of good deeds and we’ll talk again! 🙂

See you tomorrow!