Dark secrets revealed

Here we are again, taking a peak in my sketchbook.
The same black book“that no artist likes to share,  where all the deep dark secrets of creating a masterpiece are hidden, along all the trade’s shenanigans nobody tells you.
Good thing I am not an artist, so you can see mine. 🙂
 I’m still working on getting the masterpiece part right, so stick with me, maybe I’ll have a revelation  these days and will create something grand.
Most of the time it’s just scribbling, but it keeps me sane when I am dying to draw something and I don’t have the time to do something bigger with the kids around.
So, I have a new black sketchbook. That one I haven’t showed before, it’s a gift actually from a very good friend.
It’s old and it has character which makes it even more special. It’s the perfect size, so I carry it with me everywhere and it makes it easy to write down quick things or draw something while on the phone ( and I do that a lot!).

Behold the black sketchbook!

Sketches July2010-210001

Here are the pages as we go from the first one forward: 
( since there are a lot, I’ll post them in a couple of posts)

Sketches July2010-20014


Sketches July2010-20013

Sketches July2010-20015
Sketches July2010-20016
Sketches July2010-20017
Sketches July2010-20018
Sketches July2010-20019
Sketches July2010-20020

Sketches July2010-20022

Sketches July2010-20021