Teacher appreciation or Appreciating teachers

Now, let me make something clear first- I don’t like the concept of teacher appreciation day/week!
Because it has certain non-pleasant ring for me, like it’s more of an obligation than a real appreciation. That’s why whenever I can, I avoid it and I give my appreciation gifts at other times. Like now for example.

So, this year I thought of an interesting present for the end of the year for  my son’s teachers. 
I asked him to draw pictures for his teachers with watercolor pencils, then I helped him to glue them to the cards.

Teacher appreciation 20100004  Teacher appreciation 20100003 
Then he brushed them here and there with water and you can see the results. 
Teacher appreciation 20100002  Teacher appreciation 20100001
We recently replanted our garden and I have a lot of beautiful and fragrant hyacinths and I thought, what a nice present they’ll make, especially since they are from our own garden!  My son helped me out and we put the bulbs in a nice box with explanation what they are and how to take care of them:
Teacher appreciation 20100007
We had 2 bag designs :
Teacher appreciation 20100009 Teacher appreciation 20100006
And here is the whole thing:- bag, card and a gift card inside, envelope, butterfly, a scented candle and a notebook.
Teacher appreciation 20100008
I hope they like them!! 🙂