Music inspired

Recently when I start working I like to put on some music.
It is very interesting, how I don’t know what music I want when I start….but I know which one I don’t want.

If I can’t find the right one right away, I can’t start working. And I have never been like that! This started maybe couple of months ago. Before that I preferred to watch movies ( on the background) while working.
I think the music is influencing the end result, because now that I am looking at the drawings and I think about the music, it all comes back to me.

Do you use anything as a background when working?

Here are some of the newest white on black drawings that I made:

 ” The palm reader” 1
White on black June 201010001

“The Palm reader” 2 
I think there will be more of these soon!
” Scorpion”
White on black June 201010003
” Untitled”
White on black June 201010004